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About Us

佔地300坪101購物中心內唯一多元展演場地, 不同空間可相互搭配使用

The one @ Taipei 101 獨一文創」於101購物中心四樓,佔地三百坪的多元空間,有LED大螢幕的媒體播放設備,結合最新穎的音響燈光及視訊設備,是101購物中心內唯一的多元展演空間。

其中的三個主要展廳:Infinite 、 Alpha 及 Omega ,可以相互搭配使用;適合舉辦各類發表會、記者會、企業會議/論壇、音樂及藝文分享等活動。

我們期待「 The one @ Taipei 101 獨一文創」可以成為無限可能的起點 ; 創造、創新甚至改變的力量在台北發生,讓美好的結果可以傳播直到地極。

「 The one @ Taipei 101 獨一文創」還有一個秘密基地 ,您可以單純來我們的 Exchange Area,和同事、家人或朋友們一起在最熱鬧的101 購物中心中,享受片刻的輕鬆,或是在這裡來個創意會議,激盪您的腦力創造更多火花!

T he One @ Taipei 101 is located on the fourth floor of Taipei 101 shopping center and it occupies more than 993 square meters of multi-functional space; equipped with a full LED wall, combined with the latest audio, visual, lighting and video equipments. It is the only multi-function exhibition space at Taipei 101.

There are three main exhibition spaces: Infinite, Alpha and Omega, which can be used in conjuncture with each other; suitable for organizing and hosting various conventions, banquets, press conferences, corporate meetings/forums, music concerts, arts galleries and other special events.

We expect and foresee The One @ Taipei 101 be an initial starting point with endless possibilities that carries the power to create, innovate, trans-form and bring influence in Taipei so that impossible dreams are actualized from here on.

There is also a quiet hide-out at The One @ Taipei 101. You can come to our Exchange Area and enjoy a peaceful time and relax with colleagues or friends in the busy 101 Shopping Center. It is a perfect quiet place for your creativity to flow and spark new innovations!